Day 9- inspiration

In the morning before going to college I read this article about Emma Watson and her flawless self. I saw one of her pictures and it was one of those moments where u go to a shop and you are just stuck on a pair of shoes and you say to your self that you have to have them, and if you don’t currently have the money so you will come back later but you will buy them!

Yes it was that moment for me I saw her picture and I had to have a flawless figure and skin like hers. My day started with this sudden motivation of doing more and more to have such a figure.


I drank to bug cups of infused water (lemon and mint). One cup per hour. Than I drank a glass of fresh carrot juice with no sugar whatsoever. I went to college and attended a class.
I had an hour worth of break, which I could have used to sleep around or sit on some couch to chit chat with a couple of friends. Instead I went to the gym and worked out for half an hour on a cross-trainer.

I my thighs were aching, i was pretty sure i would be soar the next morning but you know what they say about being soar.

15 mins after my workout I had a bit of snack. Healthy and packed with nutrients.

After a tiring day i went home had a glass of cold skimmed milk and slept for half an hour. I woke up very fresh. My friend told me about this full body workout of Victoria Secrets. All enthusiastic I tired it ! I shit you not omg. Its a killer! This workout video is 18:39 minutes long and I could only manage to do 8 minutes of that video.
Victoria Secret Full Body workout
I had one medium half papaya for dinner. My body had already started aching, and I Am Over the Moon because when you are soar that means your fats are burning! I can be soar all day as long as the end result is a fit ME.

Day 8 – Week 2 starts

Good Morning people , I am so excited Its week 2 already for my 2 months healthy eating and weight loss period. Yes I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but trust me when you are on a mission and you seem to have been following it religiously it does make the smallest accomplishments as a big deal!

Today I was nagging about how my mom got me a wrong pair of bra, so I took of my top to show it to my mom and she said look you already seem like you are losing weight. haha I love my mom I am pretty sure she was only being nice and wanted to motivate me into keep working out and sticking to my healthy eating lifestyle. 

This week I will be putting down my measurements, my height , weight and my BMI and on the 1st of January I will measure and weight my self again to check for the differences.

This weeks diet plan is fairly simple its all about fruits and vegetables. No form of bread, rice, wheat, meat. Due to some circumstances you end up eating any of the NO NOs than do not eat during the entire day. Today I had to go and help my friends at their office for there future event, I was in such a rush that I didn’t have time to have breakfast. So I just grabbed a water bottle and filled it with homemade flavoured water. After work me and my friend went to eat and we shared a platter of mixed grill and a platter of mixed lebanese appetizer. I am pretty sure in that one meal I had consumed more than 2000 calories. so for the rest of the day all I had was flavoured water. 

Flavoured water: Water, slices of lemon, mint leaves. Fill a pitcher with water add slices of lemon and mint leaves according to your pitchers size. Leave it overnight for the flavours to infuse within. The next day drink it all whenever you are thirsty. word of advice do not drink it after two days it leaves a horrible smell and the taste is disgusting too. LOL my water pitcher is huge because my mom and dad like flavoured water so it tends to finish up real fast. Image

Here is a link of some yummy looking infused water 

Do let me know how tasty were they ?




DAY 6 & 7 Sweet Bitter Depart

The world has lost one of the greatest man , Africa has lost its Father , a hero , a fighter and a true icon . Nelson Mandela has more than served his purpose on earth . Thank you Mr.Nelson Mandela for showing everyone how it is done , if we were all to live by your values and examples the world would have been in a much better place . I can’t imagine being imprisoned  for 27 years , then be free and you did not feel any hate towards the people that imprisoned you . You went free , you end the racial segregation and the Apartheid and also become the leader of your own country . Nelson mandela was a visionary kind of man who made mistakes , regretted decisions, yet continued on despite adversity . You are really the conscience of this world ,and your legacy will remain safe . You may be gone but not forgotten.

ImageIn every country there is this population of people who can not afford to study or teach their children. We should be more than grateful to God that we are the blessed ones, and we shouldn’t take our education for granted. Learn as much as you can grasp any opportunity that is thrown you way which will enlighten you knowledge further. Old school or not reading is the best form of education. I love reading I love books. After my finals I will be getting about 4 weeks of vacation, and during the vacation I am planning to read as many books as possible!

Finals are 2 weeks away, projects are a week away, and quizzes are hanging down on my throat like some chainsaw, so you can imagine what my days are like. At this point with all the less calories and minimum carb diet I was dying for my cheat meal, and I finally had one on my 6th day of the week.

I had Lebanese cuisine. Me and my family we always order around 6-7 different dishes and everyone gets to makeup there own plate by either picking one of the items or by you can have it all on you plate and go for as many servings as you want. Since I am allowed to have a meal, I had a little bit of everything on my plate and after I finished I didn’t go for my second serving. Now that is major accomplishment, you should have seen my mom and dads face they were shocked how I didn’t go for another serving! Day 6 was like a layoff day no workout and a cheat meal, to be honest I did feel like I was going to explode. Which is a good sign, because it means your system is getting the hang of you eating less, and healthy.

On day 7 I worked out 30mins on the treadmill and lost 160 calories, had egg salad sandwich for breakfast, and A fruit salad for lunch. My dinner was bbqd chicken. I always make sure that I have my dinner four to five hours before I go to bed. I am taking hair supplements along with one of my meals, so get rid of my hair fall problem.

Finally my first week is over, 3 more weeks to go…. 





Day 4 & 5 – Stressful Days

I do not know how people do it! How do they manage to work everything out and wakeup not looking like zombies. Collage, assignments, projects and quizzes and they also have time to workout, put on hair mask, facial mask, shave them selves take a bath and have a social life!!!

I had been so busy that instead of getting extra sleep I take my time out to workout and had to put a pause on my skin and hair care routine. I’ve been working out late at night, so I end up going to bed all sweaty which is why I wasn’t able to post anything new!

If you take a few seconds and think about it how our life is like a one lane fast track and there is no way back. All this madness makes my skin breakout but thank god for Tea Tree oil. Honestly its a blessing, as soon as I spot a tiny pimple thats going to grow into an ugly looking boil I dap a cotton ball with tea tree oil and clean my pimple with it. Tea Tree oil also helps in removing blemishes, makeup, and t zone oil.

From the past two days i’ve been having egg salad sandwich for breakfast, cereal for lunch, and a bowl of steamed vegetables with baked fish.


Due to lack of sleep my dark circles have gotten the best of me and I am not even doing anything about it 😱. I need to get off my horses and work things out one by one. I wish i had a universal remote control where I could pause and the entire world would stop functioning except for me and so I would be able to finish all my work.

I am currently taking 7 courses in college. I have 4 projects that are course related. I am taking part in a business competition from Unilever called “The Quest”. I have to work on that with my heart and soul because the opportunity the winner will get is like a once in a life time deal. Next I am also working with a company called Ojeed they are a career counseling company and in a week they will be holding up workshops for students of Jeddah. I have two quizzes coming up next week. And I teach my brother and sister.

Y did I do this to my self? No one forced me to take 7 subjects, no one begged me to teach my brother and sister, no one told me to join the Quest. I did it all on my own, because I wanted to a gist of the fast track life, I wanted to see how do working moms make it all happen. Clearly i still haven’t figured it out! Anyone out there who can give me tips or advice on what I can do to save my self from self destruction please do comment below, will really appreciate it!
Much love

Day 3 – A Tiresome Day

Three hours of sleep and Accounting class first thing in the morning can be a bit overwhelming, on top I had to look perfect for my meeting with a company’s HR director, to interview her for my colleges final assignment. I got dressed, straightened my hair, put on a lot of makeup (to hide all my pimples, puffy eyes,and dark circles) and I even had my breakfast. Oatmeal again! I did all this an hour. like really this is mind blowing I can’t believe it I actually did it LOL

To be super honest i didn’t workout today at all, I was so tired I came back home late and went to bed straight, The only meal I had after oatmeal was an egg salad sandwich. I swear I am not trying to starve myself into losing weight. I even had the opportunity to devour the most scrumptious looking Shawarma. I resisted because it was made out of white bread. 

I don’t want to cheat during my diet because every Thursday its family dine out night. So my cheat meal will be a dinner on Thursday, and I already know which cusine I want to enjoy, Lebanese it is! 

On my iphone in the notes I have a page where I type the restaurants I want to go to enjoy my cheat meal. Its very motivating.

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty hectic day aswell, I really hope I don’t skip my workout.

 Have an energetic day 



Ps: “Oh but that one night , was more than just right “

this song is stuck in my head.   ENJOY!!!


Day2- An unfortunate event

Its been 15 hours since I got to know that Paul Walker is no more! I am still in a shock, and can’t admit it to my self that Brian O’Conner is not going to be there in Fast and Furious 7. Yes he was an actor, an actor who has no clue whether I exist or not.

He has always been close to my heart because of him I started watching action movies. Because of him I wanted to learn about cars. He was my first celebrity crush. I am truly heart broken. I keep wishing that some news will pop up saying. “Paul Walker wasn’t in the accident it was a silly mistake made by the authorities.”

Even if you didn’t think highly of him, and you are one of those people who don’t care about celebrities and their lives, Please do not announce that. No one should impose their feelings on others. Neither am I trying to impose mine.

Today when I went to college and I told a few of my friends that Paul Walker is no more, I got some decent responses along those I also go such responses “who cares!” , “good riddance” , “rich guy dies in his car big deal, they all end up this way!”


Are you guys kidding me, look at us we have become so heartless that we don’t even try to acknowledge a bit or remorse. What do you think you becoming sad or saying a few nice words about Paul will bring him back, or will he ever know what you said. No he won’t, its about how you behaved how you responded how the humanity is becoming heartless as time passes by!

Rest  In  Peace  Paul Walker you will be missed

A day at college without breakfast can be tiresome and on top you are super depressed, so I acted smart and forced myself to eat oatmeal. A whole wheat oatmeal porridge is very healthy and filing. Before my breakfast I did drink a big cup of water, I am still following my routine I hope you have started following it too!


My hunger didn’t strike till it was 12PM. I stayed in college without food for 5 hours! Not a smart move, according to my doctor we should eat seven small meals a day.I guess working into that routine will definitely take some time!

I had half a pineapple after 12. Word of advice do not eat canned pineapple they have excess amount of sugar water and preservatives and they have a lot of calories in them.

I didnt have any lunch, I came back home at 2:30 thanks to the heavy traffic Jeddah has, tired and exhausted slept like a baby for four hours!

NOTE TO MYSELF: naps are as long as an hour not 4 HOURS, girl you need to fix that!

After all this amount of sleep I still wasn’t fresh so I had to force myself to get on the cross trainer. Which is how I managed to workout for only 10 minutes. Drank a big mug of green tea.My favorite tea of all times, anyone who knows me knows I love green tea. I never add sugar to it, and drink the original organic green tea that is made in china and comes in a blue tin jar.

Today I was super lazy and cranky, I wasted time didn’t even study… ah what a waste of precious time. I actually feel guilty. But I am so glad my laziness didn’t stop me from working out on the treadmill. Today I had my treadmill inclined AT 6 and worked out for 30 minutes. I was sweating more than normal, felt like I walked in the shower with my clothes on.I lost 63 calories more than what i worked out yesterday.

ImageI didn’t exactly have a scrumptious meal, it was canned Mayo Tuna by weight watcher, two slices of brown bread, and a few leaves of iceberg lettuce .And of course a bit of ketchup, I am a ketchup addict ! One can of Mayo Tuna has 77 calories.

I tried calculating approximately how many calories did i consume today:

1 bowl of porridge :                  156 calories

1/2 a pineapple :                       452 calories    (eeee thats alot, so glad I didnt have lunch today)

1 cup green tea:                            0 calories

3 small pears (mid-day snacks) :   171 calories  ( 57 calories per pear)

canned Mayo Tuna :                        77 calories

2 slices of brown bread:                   146 calories ( 73 calories per slice of bread)

100gs of iceberg lettuce :                   14 calories

Total calories consumed =           1016 calories


According to WebMd I should be consuming 2000- 2200 calories per day. Yeepiiee I consumed less that what it says, Now this is a good ending to my day!

Check out how many calories you should consume in a day through the following link!

Ah its getting late… at the moment its 1:44am in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Better get to bed, if i do not want to walk into my accounting class looking like a zombie!

Have a great day



PS: watch this music video of a Pakistani singer and do not google the translation and lets see if you could feel the music or not ! As they say music and love has no language !

Day1- Fresh Start

Woke up with a huge smile, looking forward to a new day a new beginning! BUT no things could never go the way I had planned. My mom had been baking early morning, the aroma around me itched me into getting out of bed. The kitchen counter was filled with freshly baked cinnamon rolls, fish tails bread, chicken pie, and strawberry cheesecake! 

NO NO NO…..not today i am not going to give up! I walked away and I can proudly say i didn’t touch a single piece. (major accomplishment knowing that my first love is food).

I have read a lot of articles regarding weight loss one of them said to drink a glass of water first thing in the water. I did too but i had doubled my quantity!

Image An hour after my cup of water I ate four small oranges. I cut them into wedges instead of drinking the juice of an orange. Eating the oranges takes time, the slower you eat the fuller you feel. Where as one glass of juice wouldn’t have been enough for me.

Image Always wait minimum three hours before you workout if you have had a proper meal. Since i just ate four small oranges, so I went on the treadmill after two hours. I walked for 30 minutes.I had burnt 100 calories.ImageFor starters I guess its good enough. You can never start your workout with vigorous and heavy exercises.Trust me when i say it will only make you hate working out more and you won’t even get any results, because your first workout was so tiresome that you wouldn’t look forward to your next exercise session. For this week I will be just walking and doing some random exercises along with it.

I had mentioned in my previous blog that I will also be working on my hair and skin. From the past three weeks my skin has been breaking out. I look like a witch with big pimples all over. So i applied plain organic yogurt all over my face and neck. I will be applying yogurt every other day, and will log down my results in the near future. Anyhow I let the yogurt settle for about 20 minutes. After the wash I did feel that my skin had this glow on it.Surely I will continue using it.

Any kind of workout will make you hungry for sure, if i wasn’t into healthy eating I would have had crisps or french fries. In lunch I ate a mix of the following things: 2 tablespoon whole wheat barn, 4 tablespoon corn flakes, a hand full of mixed nuts, 1 banana, and 1/2 cup of skimmed milkImage

Image It may look funny to you but it was super delicious! 

After that I worked on my college assignments, projects, and taught my brother and sister. Than I got on the cross trainer and worked out for 15 minutes. Took a long nice bath, and ate my dinner. To be honest the dinner was just gross, but i shoved it down my throat because I didn’t have the heart to tell my mom that her first attempt at cabbage roll was horrible.Image  

So far the day has passed by and I didn’t cheat on my diet, I do kind of feel very tired and sleepy. I have these huge dark circles under my eyes. My friends keep asking me whether i was sick. I read somewhere if you apply almond oil every night before you go to bed and wash it off, in the morning you eyebags and dark circles under the eyes will be gone within 2 weeks. So your guinea pig (ME) will try it out and let you guys knows how it goes! Till than have a very good night. Sweet Dreams




ps: quote of the day by some anonymous write that i got from instagram ! Enjoy  


2 months diary entries to motivate girls like me who want to lose weight badly


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