DAY 6 & 7 Sweet Bitter Depart

The world has lost one of the greatest man , Africa has lost its Father , a hero , a fighter and a true icon . Nelson Mandela has more than served his purpose on earth . Thank you Mr.Nelson Mandela for showing everyone how it is done , if we were all to live by your values and examples the world would have been in a much better place . I can’t imagine being imprisoned  for 27 years , then be free and you did not feel any hate towards the people that imprisoned you . You went free , you end the racial segregation and the Apartheid and also become the leader of your own country . Nelson mandela was a visionary kind of man who made mistakes , regretted decisions, yet continued on despite adversity . You are really the conscience of this world ,and your legacy will remain safe . You may be gone but not forgotten.

ImageIn every country there is this population of people who can not afford to study or teach their children. We should be more than grateful to God that we are the blessed ones, and we shouldn’t take our education for granted. Learn as much as you can grasp any opportunity that is thrown you way which will enlighten you knowledge further. Old school or not reading is the best form of education. I love reading I love books. After my finals I will be getting about 4 weeks of vacation, and during the vacation I am planning to read as many books as possible!

Finals are 2 weeks away, projects are a week away, and quizzes are hanging down on my throat like some chainsaw, so you can imagine what my days are like. At this point with all the less calories and minimum carb diet I was dying for my cheat meal, and I finally had one on my 6th day of the week.

I had Lebanese cuisine. Me and my family we always order around 6-7 different dishes and everyone gets to makeup there own plate by either picking one of the items or by you can have it all on you plate and go for as many servings as you want. Since I am allowed to have a meal, I had a little bit of everything on my plate and after I finished I didn’t go for my second serving. Now that is major accomplishment, you should have seen my mom and dads face they were shocked how I didn’t go for another serving! Day 6 was like a layoff day no workout and a cheat meal, to be honest I did feel like I was going to explode. Which is a good sign, because it means your system is getting the hang of you eating less, and healthy.

On day 7 I worked out 30mins on the treadmill and lost 160 calories, had egg salad sandwich for breakfast, and A fruit salad for lunch. My dinner was bbqd chicken. I always make sure that I have my dinner four to five hours before I go to bed. I am taking hair supplements along with one of my meals, so get rid of my hair fall problem.

Finally my first week is over, 3 more weeks to go…. 





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