I always hear my parents say, “Jo Allah ko manzoor!”

Translation: “whatever God wills”

Is it really God`s will to punish to a person for not being smart or intelligent enough to judge people.

Is it really God`s will to punish his people for falling in love!

Love which is created by God himself!

Why blame it on God? NO this ┬áisn’t what GOD willed for!

It was us humans, we let our uncontrolled desires shaped by the medias perfect picture of love turn into raw lust . That manipulate our minds into believing sincerity, trust, love, passion, honesty, and loyalty can co-exist. Where as the truth is, it exists only for those who have been hurt or been molested under the impression of being in love.

Can a person really ever trust anyone?

Each of us have an untamed animal embedded deep inside us waiting to be unleashed.

Everything is so complicated!

How far can we run away from it all?

How long can we travel around the world to get away from it? Eventually we will have to make our peace with the reality.

Reality, the world isn’t just a beautiful place afterall!

There are no prince and princesses for a Happy Ending where love trumps all !